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The Credit For You blog points out the advantages and disadvantages of credit cards, introduces the terms and conditions the cards are offered and informs you about credit card history, repair and scores.

Archive for July, 2011

Why You Need To Get Your Annual Credit Report

I have a good friend who rarely leaves her home. She is elderly, and limits her driving and shopping to very small towns within an even smaller geographic area. The biggest town she shops in has less than 12,000 residents. I introduce you to her because recently she had her credit card stolen, while in […]


Shoestring Budgeting: Skinny Ideas To Make Our Money Stretch

In today’s economy it has now become a necessity to make each dollar go as far as we can. Our older relatives call it “being thrifty.” I call it “good money management” with my financial resources. You should be working to manage your money better because what you spend today may be the resource you […]


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