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Archive for March, 2012

Debt Settlement vs. Bankruptcy – What to Choose?

You are overwhelmed with credit card debt. You are paying more for gas, food, and interest. You are at the tipping point where you can’t even make the minimum payment. Your accounts have fallen into default and are sent to collection agencies. On the other hand, you’ve just graduated college with debts that will take […]


There Are Ways You Can Fix Bad Credit

You are considered having bad credit if your credit score happens to be in the low 600s or even lower. Things like a bankruptcy, a home or business foreclosure and other various credit issues are going to cause a credit score to show up as bad. However, there are ways that a person can fix […]


Investment Banking For Everyone

Investment banking differs greatly from retail and commercial banking. One of the primary differences is that investment banks do not take deposits. Sometimes called “shadow banking”, the large umbrella of investment banking allows clients to do business without their transactions being public knowledge. These banks have typically provided counsel for large, wealthy companies. Since 1999, […]


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