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Simple Steps To Help Rebuild Your Credit

Simple Steps To Help Rebuild Your CreditIf you currently have a poor credit history and credit score you might find that you are having a difficult time getting approved for a credit card, loan or even finding employment. Bad credit can affect almost every aspect of your life. Even if you have a credit score that is considered an average score you might find yourself having a difficult time and being turned down for loans. If you are finding yourself in the boat of not being able to do anything due to your credit score you might be considering trying to rebuild your credit score. Rebuilding your credit takes some time and patience and it is important that you have a plan in place to help you achieve this.

Check Your Credit Report

The first step in rebuilding your credit is to check your credit report. The credit reporting agencies are required to give you a credit report once per year. You can obtain it more often than that if you would like but you will be required to pay for it. Having a credit report in front of you will allow for you to check for any mistakes and get them corrected as well as looking for ways to improve.

Speak With Your Creditors

If you have accounts that you are behind in payments on you will need to contact those creditors. You can work on an arrangement to help you catch up on your payments. This could be the leading factor to your low credit score. Your goal here is to bring all of your accounts to the current status. In most cases the creditors will work with you and help you figure out a payment arrangement that will make both parties happy.

Pay Your Bills On Time

Once you get your accounts caught up on payments you should be sure that you make all payments on time from here on out. This should not applicable only for your bad credit installment loans but for your utilities and rent/mortgage as well. Many do not realize that these payments also get reported to the credit bureaus.

Start Paying Down Your Debt

When a creditor looks at your credit score they also look at your credit utilization. This is a measurement of how much debt you currently have. It is measured by how much available credit you have been given and how much you have actually spent. If you have used a large amount of your credit you will find that it will be counted against you. It will become apparent that if you reduce the amount of debt you have your credit score will improve.


Rebuilding your credit will take a long time to complete. It is important that you remain patient and practice good financial habits. Within two to three months you should start to see some improvements but if your credit is very poor you will find that it could take years. By following the steps above as well as the many other steps that can be found with some research you will find yourself on the road to a good credit score quickly.

Simple Steps To Help Rebuild Your Credit

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