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Repaying A Perkins Loan

Perkins Loan and how you should be repaying it.

With higher education getting costly day by day, it has become important to finance your education and get a loan for the same. The Perkins Loan is a good option for those students who need financial help.

 Repaying A Perkins Loan

With the changing society, the policies, terms of repayment, the rate of interest on a loan have also changed. And as the federal budget is being altered to affect the education, so are the loan options. Check the website of the United States Department of Education for detailed information about the same.


Unlike the other student loan, Perkins Loan gives a nine month grace period. The monthly installments are also as less as $40 per month which is $50 in other type of online personal loans. This makes the students much more stable once they find a job and they do not have to be stressed because of the repayment. It also makes them financially secure.


The borrowing limit of Perkins loan is lower as compared to other student loans. While undergraduates will be able to borrow up to a limit of $5500 per year and up to a maximum borrowing limit which cannot extend beyond $27500. In case of graduate students, $8000 is the limit set for one year and $60000 during the whole course period.

Repayment and forgiveness options

Perkins loan also has an option of partial or total forgiveness. Peace corps is an organization which is made to spread peace in the third world countries. If a student with a Perkins loan works there, 15 percent of the loan will be forgiven every year. AmeriCorps is another such organization which was made to help the students to forgive the loan. The student can earn up to $4725 per year which will be used to pay off the debt.

The government and banks are paying importance of giving student loans to the needy as education is the only thing which can change the country. There was a law passed in 2007 which discouraged private firms to give student loans which created a lot of problems for the students who were under debts. The lenders are not in the favor of consolidating the debts and the students face a lot of problems otherwise, so a lot of services were being designed to help them out. New policies and amendments have made a lot of difference to the way the lenders deal in the student loans. Things are really tough when the student faces a financial crisis owing to delay in getting a job which is the most common issue and if the loan terms are flexible it save a lot of time and effort for both the students as well as the lenders.

Loan Assistance firms

There are several financial advisory firms where the students get a free assessment regarding their student debt and they get necessary help and information. Specific payment plans and possible options are suggested to students for the debt relief once the necessary information regarding the debt is given. These firms help students in a lot of ways by creating financial plans and helping them refinance the student loans and organize their tax returns.

Another step which is involved in it is applying for the short term installment loans forgiveness or consolidation to minimize the overall cost of the loan. It lowers monthly payments and reduces the burden which the student has. It also helps them save some money too.

The Perkins Loan is a lot beneficial for a student who does not have enough money to finance his education as there are a lot of benefits which come with it. But it is always advised to know it all about the loan you are planning to apply for.

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Repaying A Perkins Loan

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