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Augment Credit Score and Become Credit Worthy – Essential Steps you Need to Follow

Excellent Credit Score

Did you check your credit score recently? Well, you must not have done so unless you found that the lender has asked you to show your credit report since you have applied for a loan. If you have a poor score, then you can be sure that the lender will not provide you the loan. […]


Give your Finances a New Lease of Life by Boosting Your Credit Score


Your credit score happens to be one of the most important aspects as far as your financial life is concerned. This is why it’s of that much importance and needs to be improved as soon as possible. If your score happens to be a stellar one, then it can open doors to every possible kind […]


Now’s The Time To Refinance Using Your Good Credit Score

If you’ve been thinking about refinancing your mortgage, but have been holding back to see how the market develops, it might be a good time to do it now, especially if you have a good credit score. If you know your credit score, and it’s good, mortgage rates are falling to all-time lows. Because of […]


There Are Ways You Can Fix Bad Credit

You are considered having bad credit if your credit score happens to be in the low 600s or even lower. Things like a bankruptcy, a home or business foreclosure and other various credit issues are going to cause a credit score to show up as bad. However, there are ways that a person can fix […]


Five Debt Settlement Myths

There are some debt relief options that can help you to manage and pay off credit card debt if you are facing financial problems. These debt relief options make paying off your debts easier. Among these options are — repayment plan, debt settlement, debt consolidation, debt management, and last but not the least – bankruptcy. […]


More Tips For Getting A Job With Bad Credit

Earlier we have spoken that employers can refuse a job seeker because of poor credit history. But as you remember, I also told you that there is just one case when a company cannot refuse to hire you or fire if you are already working there. It is the case of bankruptcy. According to section […]


Tips For Getting Job With Bad Credit

In my previous post I wrote about how bad credit history can become an obstacle for getting a job. Now let’s consider what you can do to find a job even if your credit score leaves much to be desired. First of all, check your credit history beforehand. If you are going to find a […]


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